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Why use a screw when EbTy's hidden deck fastners are easy and make for a clean, splinter-free decking surface.
Eb Ty is the world's leading hidden deck fastening system. Eb Ty is the world's leading hidden deck fastening system.

EBThe deck fastening system you choose can make the difference in the longevity and beauty of your deck.TY® Customer Testimonials

Want to know more about EB-TY® Hidden Deck FastenersTM? We think the best way for you to learn about us is to listen to our customers. Here's what they have to say:

Architects, Builders, Contractors & Developers

"Our overall experience using EB-TY Hidden Fastening Systems with new and renovated deck projects is fantastic. I would use EB-TY again in a second. I have already recommended EB-TY to other builders who build decks. And, I save time and money by not having call-backs as the EB-TY allows the woods and composites to expand and contract without popping nails or screws. The quality of our finished building projects is unmatched in the Milwaukee Metro area."

M.W., Builder/Contractor
Milwaukee, WI

"As a builder, I recommend the EB-TY Hidden Fastening System process for working with quality decking materials that our customers demand. I like the way the EB-TY allows the beauty of the wood or composite to shine through."

R.W., Builder/Developer

"We have a construction company, and we specialize in decks. We've been in business 18 years. We started using EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners several years ago. Using your product cuts our production time by 40 percent, because we don't need to screw down the top boards. We can go as fast as the biscuits can be installed. EB-TY's systems save us money, in terms of our own labor costs, and so they save our clients' money, too. Safety is also a definite factor: Customers like the fact that, with EB-TY, there are no nails, so the decks are safe to walk on barefoot. And our customers love how the finished decks look."

Darrin Fontana, Owner
Fontana Construction
Setauket, N.Y.

"We are architects and construction managers. Our firm is based on the island of Nantucket, Mass. We get a lot of wind-driven rain and water exposure. Our projects tend to be high-end residential jobs, and we use top-quality wood, mostly mahogany. We use EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners because they don't deteriorate in our salt-water environment. They extend the life of the deck. Our clients like EB-TY fasteners for aesthetic reasons: The fasteners make it easy for our carpenters to create nice, straight rows when fastening the boards. EB-TY deck fasteners are a great product, and we constantly encourage others to use them."

David Bentley
Bentley & Churchill Architects
Siasconset, Mass.

"EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners are a smart investment, both for my customers and for me. My customers love them because they're hidden, and they don't ruin the texture of the boards. They're safer: Children's feet don't get caught between the boards, because the boards are spaced exactly evenly and everything stays level. For me, they're easier to install. EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners are great also because I don't have to go back for a service call to fix popped-up nails."

Robert Principato Bobby's Home Improvement Bronx, N.Y.

"We're homebuilders and general contractors, and we're a family-owned business. I would recommend EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners to other contractors. We chose them because they're the best product out there. The advantage of using EB-TY fasteners is that there are no holes in the wood. It's a more uniform look, more finished. You pay a little more, but our customers are happy with the results."

J. P.
Franklin Homes, Inc.
Boise, Idaho

"Before I was introduced to EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners, I was always looking for a product with a lot of durability. Many of the decks and docks I build are in extreme weather areas and EB-TY are the best in all areas. Ninety Eight percent of my decks are built with Ipe and the EB-TY Hidden Deck fasteners allow the beauty of the wood to be all you see. My customers and I like the look of the EB-TY products. Sometimes our customers may balk at the fact that installing EB-TY takes longer, but when I explain how much longer it will take to plug and sand screw holes , they tell me to go with EB-TY. It's what works best."

R.J.Y., Contractor
Portland, Ore.

"We have a home-improvement business. We do everything from renovating bathrooms to fixing up beautiful old houses. We use EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners with composite decking. We chose them because they're not visible, so they give the deck a cleaner look. We were impressed when we first started looking at them, and every one of the clients customers we've used them for likes the EB-TY fasteners. In fact, they ask us how we built the deck without using fasteners."

N.S., Contractor
Owings, MD

Homeowners & DIYers

"We have lawn furniture, umbrellas and tables on our new deck, and I spend a lot of time out there. The deck looks fantastic. When you're building a deck, the quality of the finished product, the way it looks, is important. So, after doing research online, I chose EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners. They're a great product. If you use screws and drills, the deck will look like Machine Gun Kelly used it for target practice. With my old deck, I couldn't go barefoot because I'd get splinters from pop-up nails. And EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners are simple to use: You don't have to be an engineer to figure out how to use them."

C.H., Homeowner
E. Wakefield, N.H.

"I recommend EB-TY for a premium installation. In my experience, installation was easy. The system has many advantages. The hidden deck fasteners prevent holes that trap dirt. Our 1,200 square-foot deck has a uniform, flat surface, and there are no splinters or sharp edges. A year after installation, we have no stress effects from expansion or contraction. The system should last forever. "

D. Kim Price, Homeowner,

"I was building a relatively large deck (20 x 30 square feet) with composite deck boards placed at a 50-degree angle and picture framed. I wanted deck fasteners that would enhance the look of the deck. I'm an engineer, and after reviewing samples of other fasteners on the market, I chose the EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners. I like EB-TY's fasteners because they are essentially biscuits that fit into a side groove in the board and are easily cut with either a router or biscuit joiner. Other systems use barbs that puncture the sides of the deck boards and require a lot of force. If a board is struck incorrectly, or if a barb is misaligned, an expensive board could be damaged. The EB-TY fasteners allow easy placement and fitting of boards with a uniform spacing — and at a uniform angle — across the entire deck. I also like the fact that EB-TY products are made in the U.S."

W.J., Homeowner
Flemington, N.J.

"We're building a new deck that extends out from our family room. We chose EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners because they're attractive. We're using Ipe, which is beautiful, dense Brazilian wood. Installing the biscuits may take a bit more time, but anything worth doing is worth doing right. We also like EB-TY's products because they're safe. We used stainless steel nails on the deck we built for the front of our house. Whenever it snows, those nails always seem to pop up and catch the snow shovel. That doesn't happen with EB-TY."

S.B, Do-It-Yourselfer
Lee, N.H.

"I think EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners are great. They take more time to install than the ordinary deck fastener, but they're worth the effort. I have four children, and, when we were building our deck, I knew I did not want our contractor to use screws. Screws are ugly, and they're toe killers. Today, our deck is the focal point of our home, and we use it all year round. And I have no doubt having such a beautiful deck has added to the value of our home."

P.B., Homeowner
Medford, Ore.

"EB-TY made a stressful process much more enjoyable. It was fun making our selections and picking features for our deck. Once my husband got the hang of the EB-TY install instructions he built the deck of our dreams and the envy of the neighborhood. Now all the neighbors come to our house for the outdoor fun."

Mrs. A.H.B., Homeowner/Do-It-Yourselfer
Ft. Worth, TX

"We would first like to thank you for creating the EB-TY Hidden Fastening System and what a wonderful way to build a new deck. Our first thought was that, "It is beautiful! " We though about building a deck ourselves, but did not have the time. It is obvious that we made the right decision to have an architect design and a contractor to build our deck. When the architect mentioned hidden fastening systems, we didn't know what they were. Our builder researched your website and told us that he had "found what we needed to use to build a beautiful, safe, and long-lasting deck." The deck looks wonderful! It's everything that we imagined and our dream and blueprint was followed exactly."

S.P., Family, Homeowner

"The deck is exceptional. We are sold on EB-TY! Our next EB-TY project is the boardwalk to the beach."

B.B., Homeowner
San Diego, CA

"Our builder was truly dedicated to our needs when we decided to build a deck off our kitchen and dining room. He had great taste when it came to choosing Ipe' imported hardwood for the entire project. He truly understood the importance of curb appeal and was clearly in touch with tomorrow's trends and technology. Using the EB-TY Hidden Fastening System was a wise investment as we can see the Ipe' without nails and screws! We are planning to add a deck off our master bedroom and we will certainly use EB-TY for that project. We have a beautiful addition to our outdoor living space."

T.S., Homeowner
Sarasota, Fl.

"My family can't really express adequately our appreciation for the excellent way our deck project turned out using EB-TY Hidden Fastening Systems. We now have a beautiful deck built out of natural woods...a perfect addition to our dream home."

G.P., Do-It-Yourselfer
Madison, WI

"I cannot tell you how impressed that I am with the EB-TY. Every single person that I have shown our deck to is impressed by the beauty the system provides our composite wood. This is the first winter that I didn't hit nails and screws while shoveling and cleaning the deck. We made the best decision by choosing EB-TY."

K.R., Homeowner/Do-It-Yourselfer

"When we were planning our home, I asked that extra attention be made in the building of our deck overlooking the lake behind our home. Everyone teased me about my special questions regarding woods, composites as there is such an increasing amount of product available to build outdoor decks. Once we made our decision we looked at hidden fastening systems that would allow us to have the proper spacing required for the wood we chose for our deck. We chose EB-TY as they offered a fastening system that allows the 3/32" spacing required for our decking material. We live in an area that has very hot summers, with some humidity and very cold, wet and snowy winters. The EB-TY allows our wood to work with the elements and we have no popped nails! Our family is so happy with our deck. It is great for relaxing and entertaining. This summer we plan to use the EB-TY for the rebuilding of our dock down at the lake. Thank you for a product that truly works...beautifully."

Mrs. S.S., Homeowner/Do-It-Yourselfer
New Mexico

Eb Ty is the world's leading hidden deck fastening system.
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